Accommodation rules

Dear guests!

We are glad to welcome you to our hotel!

Please read carefully the rules of stay at the Triumph Apart Hotel


1. These rules have been developed on the basis of the current legislation of Ukraine, the decrees of the State Committee of Ukraine for Housing and Communal Services, the State Committee of Ukraine for Tourism, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and taking into account the requirements of the International Hotel Association Council.

2. The hotel management reserves the right to impose a fine on the guest for violation of fire safety, smoking and disobedience to the legal requirements of the administration.

3. Guest reviews and suggestions about the hotel can be left with the administrator.


1. The hotel works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Check-out time is 12:00, check-in time is 14:00.

2. The hotel is not responsible for things left unattended in the room. Please keep valuables and documents in the safe at the front desk.

3. Additional free hotel services: free WI-FI, car parking, cosmetic services (once upon arrival), ambulance, taxi, iron and washing machine.

4. We ask you to be careful about the property of the hotel, observe the rules of fire safety. When leaving the room, please close windows, taps in the hygiene room, turn off the lights and other appliances. In case of damage to the property of the hotel, the client is obliged to compensate its value in full.

5. After check-in, within one hour, the guest has the right to report to the administrator of the reception and placement service about the identified shortcomings of the decoration and equipment of the Hotel room. In the absence of a statement and if the guest detects loss or damage to the property during check-out, the guest pays for the material damage.

6. Upon check-in, the guest is given a key with a key chain that he is obliged to return upon departure. In case of loss of the key or key chain the guest is charged a fine of 250 UAH.


1. The basic services include: provision of accommodation, room cleaning.

2. Current cleaning (dust removal, removal of garbage, cleaning of bathrooms) is carried out daily (at the request of the guest).

3. If the guest wishes not to be disturbed, he or she may hang a “Do Not Disturb!” Sign on the door handle outside the room. On the back of the sign is inscribed “Please remove!”, Such a sign should be used by the guest if the number is to be removed.

4. Every time after the departure of guests, a complete cleaning of the room is made.

5. Towels are changed every three days, bed linen is changed once every six days. An extraordinary change of towels or bed linen (at extra cost) can be made upon request.

6. The territory of the hotel, all entrances to it, internal stairs and corridors are controlled by video cameras. All information is recorded, recorded on digital media and stored. Video surveillance is done for the safety of guests, their property, property of the hotel.


1. Smoke in rooms, lounges and rooms.

2. Use in the room electrical appliances, except those permitted for use.

3. Give the keys to the outsiders the number keys.

4. Keep flammable materials in the room.

5. Bring to the hotel and store in the room materials and objects that are dangerous for the life and health of others.

6. Rearrange and remove furniture from the room.

7. Violate generally accepted norms of behavior.

8. To show aggression or actions that threaten the safety or health of others.

9. Damage to property of the hotel.

10. To stay in the guest room after 23:00 without charge and check their stay at the hotel.

11. Accommodation in pets, without approval of the hotel.

For more information on hotel services, please contact the hotel administrator.

In case of violation of the rules of stay established in the hotel, the administration has the right to refuse the guest further residence.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Sincerely, The Triumph Hotel